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Touch of the Roman empire

Talija Viminacijum

Dynamic performance of barbarian attack on roman legion with powerful sound effects. Suitable for various open air and theater stages.

In the time of great turns and turmoils in the Roman empire in the 4th century barbarians from the north fell and destroyed the Roman territories, a very important role had the fortifications – cities on the territory of today's Serbia that defended the borders of the empire: Viminacium, Sirmium, Singidunum, Margus. All to the foundations destroyed in 441 in one attack of the Hun, known for their cruelty.

This show is the reconstruction of one of the intrusion of the Hun into the Roman fortification.

Serbian folklore evening

Serbian folklore evening

  • From 1st April – 1st November 
  • Every Saturday in Belgrade „Serbian Folklore Evening"
  • Every Saturday at 18:30h, performance in the theater "Children's Cultural Center Belgrade", address Takovska 8, Belgrade
  • Special deals for tour operators and travel agencies
  • On request

Contact us:

  • Phone: +381637702458
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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