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During one year time "Talija" Art Company makes more than 250 shows for cruising companies passing through our country on river Danube. Often called "One of the best onboard entertainment on all Danube", and with such references have long term contracts with world famous companies in the area of river cruising such as: Uniworld, Vantage, GCT, AMA Waterways, Viking, Tauck, Quality etc.

A very valuable characteristic of our ensemble is that the number of the dancers and the concept of our program could be adapted to the needs of organizers in the way that the quality of the performance does not suffer but is on the highest level.

Special programmes for:

  • cruising ships
  • hotels
  • amusement parks
  • In the year 2013. 250 special concerts
  • The programmes can be adjusted to each provided space (stage)!
  • Dances are attractive, dynamic and short (4-6 minutes)!

- National ( mainly for turists in Serbia), International + gypsy programme ( for ocean-going cruising ships, amusement parks, hotels…)

National program:

  • Dances from western and central Serbia
  • Shepard dances from eastern Serbia
  • Šopsko
  • Vranje suite
  • Dances from Vojvodina
  • Dances from Nišava valley
  • Dances from Montenegro
  • Dances from Macedonia
  • Serbian dances from Guca Gora and Sarajevsko polje
  • Serbian dances from Gnjilane
  • National melodies
  • National songs


International + gypsy programme :

  • Hungarian dances and melodies
  • Romanian dances and melodies
  • Bulgarian dances and melodies
  • Greek dances and melodies
  • Russian dances and melodies
  • Ukrainian dances and melodies
  • Spanish dances and melodies
  • Dances and songs from the Near East

The programmes are performed by:

  • 2 couples + 2 musicians (25-45 minutes)
  • 4 couples + 3 musicians (45-90 minutes)
  • 6 or more couples + 3 or more musicians (60-120 minutes)

You can see some of our special performances here and here

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